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Family Support

Peer Counsel

The more information you have the better, allowing you to make the best choice for you and your pregnancy.  We can make adoption referrals or direct you to additional services for support if you choose to parent.  We do not refer nor recommend abortions but will provide factual, accurate information regarding the physical & emotional impact this choice can cause.  Afraid previous experiences will make you a "bad" parent?  Never!  Your past has the ability to protect your child.  As you raise your family, you'll see the dangers early and can face them with wisdom and strength. 

We are available to listen to your story Tuesday through Thursday with day and evening hours to fit your schedule.


Parenting is the most rewarding job there is.  It can also be daunting, confusing and even frustrating at times. Knowledge is Power.  Through Bright Course, we offer parenting classes for every stage: Pregnancy and Birth, First Year, Toddler, Co-Parenting, Life Skills and Fatherhood Classes and more. 

Newborn Baby
Mother and Daughter Love

Maternity & Baby Boutique
Community Baby Closet

The education program is a points program. Parents earn points to shop in the boutique. It's filled with maternity clothes, new/gently used baby clothing, diapers, wipes, formula, breast pumps, car seats, cribs, swings and everything your baby will need!

Can't or don't want classes but still have a need?  The Community Baby Closet offers working moms and dads the ability to pick up some much needed items between paydays.


Free Car Seat Program

Our infant and toddler car seat program offers a free car seat ($70 value) when you take 5 classes. 

Classes differ for infants vs. toddlers. 

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