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We offer support no matter what your situation is.  We have information and you are not alone.  We are here to help.  

Pregnant?  Need to talk about your options?  We're here for you.

Pregnancy Test

100% confidential


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Peer Counseling

100% confidential


To help you make informed decisions right for you.

Parenting Resources

Parenting classes by Bright Course.  Earn baby supplies and so much more while taking classes.


The most important services offered by PRC is friendship and loving concern.  At the other end of the phone, or in the Center's office, there is always someone who cares, someone who understands you.

Find us! 

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Delta Pregnancy Resource Center

523 Dodge St, Delta, CO  81416
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Give/Support the Ministry

We appreciate every donation.  Whether through financial support, time or skills, or new/like-new baby items.  Thank you!
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